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Permaculture Village Confest

Since 2013 Adrian Whitehead from Grey Cliffs Permaculture has been teaching permaculture at the Permaculture Village Confest.

The Village runs a great range of Permaculture related workshops during the five main days so come along and learn something or share your skills and energy at our village. Stay in touch via our Facebook page

A special thanks to Christina Reeves who took the initiative to set up the Confest Permaculture Village and bring back a more serious focus to Confest that use to be there in the 90's.

Checkout the Confest Web Site for more information on the next Confest.

Red and Blue Gatherings

Inspired by Permaculture co-founder David Holmgren's “future scenario” work, Red and Blue Gathering is three to four days of permaculture, food growing, community building, transition and prepping workshops with a focus on preparing for future scenarios we may face within the next 50 years.

Held in VIC and TAS and looking to expand into other states.

Visit Red and Blue website.

Collapse Survival Training

Interested in applying permaculture thinking to prepping for social or ecological collapse. At Collapse Survival Training we take permaculture back to where it began and look at how you can prepare to survive within a permaculture frame work.

Visit Collapse Survival Training

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