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Our Favourite Plant Suppliers

CERES Nursery Cornucopia Seeds and Plants
Daleys Fruit Trees
Diggers Club
Green Harvest
Otway Herbs
Small Tree Farm
Special Effects Wholesale Nursery
Shippards Herbs

Otways Herbs

Otways Herbs is a beautfil nursery based in the coastal hills of the Otway ranges between Apollo Bay and Skenes creek up Wild Dog road. Bio dynamic and organicaly based, the have a great ranges of plants for temperate permaculture gardens and nursery is worth a visit just to see the garden. If you can not make it visit their webite for plant lists and prices as they do mail order.

We also regularly pruchase from the Diggers Club and CERES Nursery. They also have nurseries worth visiting.

large pernials with yellow, whithe and cream flowers
Otway Herb nursery garden in flower

Our Favourite Equipment Suppliers

Fire Fighting and Industrial Safety Products
We get our fire fighting and some storage equipment from these guys.

Tipan Boots
Very good quality and one of the last work boots still made in Australia. UPDATE 10/11 - apparently no longer in production with another Australian manufacturer hitting the wall. You might still pick up some old stock in a store or one line.

Speciality Courses

The are many great courses out there that can help you learn about permaculture and sustainability. We have included a few that we recommend.

Fish Creek Farm
Fish Creek Education Centre is by Ron and Bev Smith co-founders of the True Organic brand. The the centre is base on a farm which has been using biodyamics principles since the late 80's. They run half day tours are a great introduction to commercially viable biodynamics and organic farming at the farm scale. Tour includes a lovely lunch.

Holmgren Property Tour
Good opportunity to visit a permaculture property established in a harsh clay and rocky environment and talk to one of permaculture's founders. Half day tour includes afternoon tea.

Deep Green Permaculture
Visit Angelo's garden in Preston to see a highly productive urban back yard permaculture conversion, based around food forest principles and plant stacking. Angelo has measured the output of his garden over several years showing just how productive a permacutlure garden can be. Contact to organise a tour.

CERES Courses
CERES is an environmental education centre based in Brunswick East in Melbourne that runs a range of premaculture related courses from bee keeping to medicinal herbs. Check their website for their current courses.

Nature Philosophy
Nature Philosophy courses help people connect to nature through experiencing nature through developing skills and understandings based on traditional native wisdom.

david holmgren giving talk to tour guests
Holmgren property tour

Ron Smith openning a large gate on his dam to irrigate his propperty
Fish Creek Farm

Fact Sheets

What is peak oil and climate change and how do they relate to food?

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