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Adrian and Bryony running for local council

Adrian and Bryony are running for their local council Darebin, in an effort to bring the issue of the current climate emergency onto the local government agenda.

With the failure of State and Federal governments to respond to the climate emergency local government can play a critical role in both reversing global warming and mitigating the impacts.

Actions include:

  • Saving lives by
    • Reducing the heat island effect by planting more shade trees and reducing deaths during future heat waves
    • Planting fire supressing trees (oaks, poplar etc) rather than fire promoting trees (gums, pines) in councils with peri urban interfaces
  • Reducing current and future food stress by encouraging local and community food growing
  • Supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency locally, including supporting amongst the disadvantaged.
  • Drawing down past emissions by turning green and food waste into biochar

Check out the Save the Planet's webpage or facebook page or Adrian's personal political page

Save the Planet logo. Features a white tree on a blue circle -  the planet earth the water planet, the tree symbolising life

Red and Blue Gatherings VIC 2016 - Oct 29 to Nov 1st

picture of abundance farm temporary kitchen and dinning area - long term it will be a greenhouse

Inspired by Permaculture co-founder David Holmgren's “future scenario” work, Red and Blue Gathering is three to four days of permaculture, food growing, community building, transition and prepping workshops with a focus on preparing for future scenarios we may face within the next 50 years.

Visit Red and Blue website to check for event and workshop details.

Please help promote via the Red and Blue facebook page .

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