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Old Coach Road

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The garden has been established on the edge of the food forests, in a sheltered area in the southwest corner. This area receives the most light and is also closest to the house. The shot below shows the bracken and false bracken which dominated the site prior to being cut back in May 2010. The bracken has provided quite friable soil in a heavy clay base.

pan shot of garden from SW corner looking NE prior to major clearing in April 2010

Once the bracken was cleared and cut down, we then formed up some beds.

bryony and bubs in the garden prior to major clearing. Shot of middle of garden looking south. Still lots of bracken with garden beds and compost bin at top of garden

The fence is designed to stop wallabies and rabbits.

star pickets in a row heading down hill ready for chicken wire to be added. bryony attaching chicken wire to star pickets.

Early progress is seen below.

pan shot from SW corner of the garden looking NE showing major clearing and bed formation completed on the 30th of May 2010

This included the establishment of a pond.

pond under construction, a hole dug in the dirt pond filled with water and with plants including flowers growing around

Plants are propagated within the garden, in the nursery and at home.

seedlings in trays growing in garden

Some of the plants grown include: comfrey, clover, lupins, vetch, lettuce, sorrel and other greens, lemon grass, leeks and onions, daikon, carrot, beetroot, rhubarb, beans, pumpkins and melons, peas, asparagus, regular and jerusalem artichoke, and lots of beneficial-insect attracting flowers.

We also established compost heap, in addition to the kitchen scraps compost bin. This is quite experimental: bracken and false bracken, unshredded, comprise the bulk of carbonaceous and green material. Some capeweed, peastraw, horse manure, blood and bone, and lime were added.

compost heap made from bracken and pea straw placed at the end of a garden bed

By early October many of the plants have started growing and the garden looks like it is ready to take off with the coming of spring.

garden in October, seeds and seedlings planted

By end of December the site had started to look like a garden, however a persistent wallaby and bush rat invasion had resulted in a number of plants being killed or eaten back.

garden in December, flowers and lush growth visible.

Other features added include a stone seat, a sand pit and a water tank.

a seat made from basalt rocks placed in side of hill 300 litre water tank  garden bed with plants growing ceramic owl in garden

>Home >Projects >Old Coach Road >Garden

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