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Grey Water

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This has been one of the most important purchases for the garden. When we had a bit of cash we discussed purchasing a rainwater tank or a grey water system. As it was summer and we had three people showering, we decided it would be best to use the water we use every day and have already paid for, rather than hoping for rain which might not come.

We brought one of the cheapest systems on the market with a simple three grade mesh filter and small auto pump and connected the system to the shower and the two main garden beds.

The garden instantly sprung into life and our shower water which had only small amounts of soap and shampoo etc. in it was now heading out on the garden via a dripper system.

The system showing new electrical line to provide a safe power supply and pipes into and out of the system. The 25mm purple pipe is hidden below the box and goes under the house.
beige box situated on side of house low to ground, showing pip from shower and two way diversion to sewer or greywater box. Bricks protect the box from damage as it sits out into the path down the side of the house

A double curl of the dripper line watering a wasabi plant
two part coils of purple pipe next to a wasabi plant

The drainage tap is used to flush the system. Small taps end each dripper line
two part coils of purple pipe next to a wasabi plant

>Home >Projects >West Preston> Grey Water

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