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Medicinal Plants

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Adrian from Grey cliffs permaculture has always had an interest in herbs and herbal medicine. His recent studies into his son's alergies and reading books such as the "Exzcema Diet" and "Cure Your Child With Food" have made him realise just how important the food we put into our bodies is.

Adrian has planted a lot of medicinal herbal plants but his bigest issue is loosing track of them in a thriving permaculture garden.

Adrian is looking forward to doing some training with Sarah Cowell from Teasense.

Three plants in this shot, feverfew for stopping migraines, hyssop with many uses including anti viral and as an expectorant (helps you couch stuff out of your lungs) and brahmi for many uses including improving brain function
three plants growing next to each other in a raised rectangular white plastic pot

Aloe vera for burns
aloe vera growing in a larger terracotta pot

Comfrey for wounds and bones
young comfrey leaves in early spring

"Tea Tree" oil tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia. Oil used for fighting minor infections.
small bushy shrub

Valerian root used for sleep disorder and anxiety.
plant in pot

>Home >Projects >West Preston> Medicinal plants

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