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One of the many things we do in West Preston is grow plants in our nursery. These are used for revegetation, fire suppression and agroforestry on the Otways property, in our garden here, in friends gardens and for our school.

We originally grew plants under shade cloth to reduce water stress during summer but we are now growing plants in wicking beds which catch any water used and allow plants to draw water up as needed. In this picture the shad cloth is shown rolled back in early spring.

many plants forming the main part of the nursery which is 3m x 7m

This wicking bed has been placed to catch water of the tin shed.
wicking bed and black woods next to tin shed

Picture of blackwoods growing when the shade cloth is in place.
tops of blackwoods growing at about 190cm under a shade cloth at 195cm

We have a micro greenhouse to help some plants in winter. The black barrel is used as thermal mass.
mini greenhouse from Bunnings - sort of clear plastic tent on a frame system with a zipper down the front

>Home >Projects >West Preston> Nursery

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