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Kemp Street

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The Kemp Stree Project is the conversion of our inner city paved courtyard to thriving, very low-maintenance permaculture gardern over a 18 month period.

Compost Bins

compost bincompost bin
We use two compost bins and a worm farm to keep up with the volume of organic waste from the garden and kitchen food scraps. We also have several comfrey plants, which are good starters for any compost. Fig leaves, warragul greens and even oleander leaves are also added for carbonaceous and green materials. Lime is added regularly.

Worm Farm

worm farmwormsworm farm juice
The worm farm takes some of our kitchen waste and the food scraps from our upstairs neighbour. It has been modified by drilling holes to allow the worm juice to drain directly into the yellow bucket for distribution on our veges.

Grey Water System

buby lucian looking cutebath and bildge pump12 volt solar panelmotor bike battery and clips310 lt mini tank
Our grey water system is used to supply summer watering during water restrictions. The components of the system consist of one dirty baby, a bath, a bildge pump, a motorbike battery, a 12 Volt solar panel, a garden hose and a 310 lt mini tank. The pump, battery and solar panel are sold at our local supplier of green hardware "The Enivronment Shop" on High street, Thornbury for $120.


empty mini water tank stand used for pond about 2 foot long and crescent shapednewly completed pond showing solar pump and plants growing in pondestablished pond showing with many plants growing in pond
The pond was put in place to offer a home to frogs, drinking water for birds, and a small feature in the garden. It is also provides a medium in which to grow watercress, vietnamese coriander and other herbs. A solar powered pump helps keep the water aerated.

Fruit Trees

fig tree largelemon tree smallapple tree smallavacado tree small
As well as the establish fig tree, we have planted a minature lemon, minature apple (pink lady), and avacado. We also planted a macadamia nut and olive tree outside the fence in the shared garden.

Vegetable crops

Vegetable and herb crops include broccolli, collards, kale, lettuce, parsley, coriander, watercress, dandelion greens, roquette/arugula, pak-choi, French sorrel, perennial and annual spinaches, swede, spring onions, vietnamese coriander/mint, artichokes, capsicum, chili peppers, tomatoes, gotu kola.

In such a small area, we have focussed on greens as, for us, it's imperative that they be fresh.

The aim of the vegetable garden is to be low-maintenance and hardy as well as productive. We include as many perennials as possible, such as sorrel, watercress, dandelions, perennial spinaches, chives and gotu-kola. Perennials will survive and provide through the hot and dry summer months. Strategies for annuals include side-picking greens and allowing reseeding. Side-picking lettuce can lengthen the production life of a lettuce to 3 months; picking smaller heads off broccolli after the main head has been eaten to 6 months or more; spring onions can provide for a year or more if only individual leaves are picked. We use organic, heritage seed, which are more likely to reseed themsleves: roquette, spring onion and chives, and pak-choi are good reseeders.


edging made for garden using spare brincks
The edging added depth next to the path, making more growing space and helping stop mulch, soil and water escaping.


pretty flowerpretty flowerpretty flower
Ornamentals add diversity and beauty to any garden and encourage people to spend time there. Edibles can also add to the beauty of a garden with their own flowers and colours.

Snail Trap

snail trap and bottle of beersnail trap in ground with beer in it and lid sitting next to it.

Snails are often a problem. They can be trappd and killed in snail traps baited with beer.

>Home >Projects >Kemp Street >Kemp Street Elements

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